D3300 video tips for iphone

Photos were taken on iphone 7 using the stock camera app in photo mode with default settings, and on the nikon d3300 with auto mode. It may not shoot 4k video or offer a curved lcd those shows are all about the tech trends but it does represent the next generation of nikons very popular entrylevel dslr line, and that in itself is. The 55200mm lens is the perfect telephoto partner for smaller dslr cameras like the d3300. How to take a quick video on iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro. Fortunately you can learn how to record video with the nikon d3200 in just a few short steps. In this post you will learn about using the various focus options on your nikon d3300. In addition to attaching the lens, putting in the battery and memory card, youll also learn how to use the guide mode, set up the camera to take still photos and video, connect. These tips will also work on the successor to the d3300, the nikon d3400, as well. The nikon d3300 was a remarkably good entrylevel camera when it was first released in 2014, and remains one of the best dslr cameras out there for beginners. With these new tools you will be able to gain confidence in. Just turn live view on, switch your focusing mode to aff, and wait until the camera focuses by itself unlike what you do with a normal autofocus system while. This page says that you never touch the shutter release button in aff mode.

Websites like youtube and wistia make it simple to have an online video presence. Get out of auto and get control of your camera using triedandtrue recipes. For sale on jean simmons stunning studio portrait movie star news fine art print. How to use the nikon d3300 tips, tricks and manual. Includes the d3300 camera, the afp dx nikkor 1855mm vr wideangle zoom lens, and the afs dx nikkor 55200mm vr ii telephoto lens. The successor to the very popular nikon d3200, the d3300 is a powerful dslr with a lot of features to improve your photos over those taken in auto mode. With nikkor interchangeable lenses, the camera delivers razorsharp detail even in lowlight situations, while a range of advanced technologies makes it incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. Whether your new d3300 dslr is the first digital slr camera youve owned or your newest camera, this video series of six tutorials will help you set up the camera and begin shooting stills and videos quickly.

Help wifi d3300 wu1a adapter hi guys, i got this camera for christmas. What you will find in this 40 min video is an explanation of what every button does as. I am branching into hd video with the nikon family of lower end dslrs. How to use the nikon d3300 tips, tricks and manual settings. Trendy photography tips nikon cheat sheets dslr cameras 62 ideas. It also includes a lot of tips, tricks, and the settings i prefer to use. Much of the digital stuff is icing on the cake, and you can learn it bit by bit. Many things are covered in the other answers, but i think there a few important details that may maximize your success on your journey. Just been comparing images from my d3300 and an iphone 7 plus. The nikon d3300 offers a pleasing set of features for newbies as well as power users, especially given its relatively low price and compact size. This video tutorial will explain how to attach the wu1a to the camera and discuss options for using a compatible smartphone as a remote control as well as downloading images. I have a nikon d3300 and i want to transfer videos to my iphone. Use my search page and mention the d3300 this article will make you an expert with the nikon d3300s controls and menus.

Nikon camera and video recorder nikon camera usb cable camera sling bag, nikon p900. How to do time lapse photography on nikon d3300 quora. So i tried connecting to the camera far from my home, and now its asking for a password to connect to the. Video mode start and stop video recording on supported cameras and even remotely monitor video on an ipad, iphone or ipod touch.

Here is a beginners guide to setting up and shooting with a nikon d3300. I tried to connect my android phone to the camera, and it did briefly, but then it disconnected and reconnected to my home wifi. Easy to follow, stepbystep cheat sheets show you exactly which modes and autofocus settings to use with your d3300. There are very simple steps to do so and they are as follows. This dslr camera from nikon comes with many great features, watch our video tutorial and learn how to use the nikon d3300 correctly. There are also suggestions for other features to try once youve mastered the essentials, to enable you. The best nikon accessories for the d3200d3300d3400d3500. Now you can easily capture and record video with your nikon d3400. The best nikon accessories for nikons entrylevel d3000series cameras the d3200, d3300, d3400 and d3500 can help you get a lot more out of your dslr without having to spend a lot more money. Airdrop makes it easy to transfer videos from your iphone to your mac. Video mode is included with the new ipad version and is available as an inapp purchase for the original dslr camera remote 1. This section introduces useful camera controls and functions. The nikon d3300 is a solid entrylevel camera for shooters moving up to a dslr, but its not quite worthy of being named editors choice.

Despite the d3300s extremely compact body, it features 24. Nikon d3300 supports afs and aff modes for video recording. I upload my videos to my computer but then i dont know where to go from there. You can also swipe the shutter button to the right to lock it in place and continue recording even when you lift your finger from the button.

At the touch of a button, the d3400 records dazzling 108060p full hd video. The nikon d3300 with its kit lens was used as an entrylevel dslr. Aff helps you to keep focus without touching the shutter release button. If you are a media studies teacher or students and would like me to. Videos show you how to set up the camera, shoot still photos and videos, transfer files to a computer and. Nikon d3300 cheat sheet best settings for the nikon d3300. Learn how to take gorgeous photos in a variety of different situations. It produces hd video, attaches to your computer via a usb cable, and has a. Nikon has made is extremely easy for customers like us to transfer pictures and videos in their full resolution to a mobile device. Different focus modes help you to get the focus spot on your subject. There are a few creative variations like recomposing after the. And semiprofessional cameras are finally affordable.

This is your chance to master the art of capturing those precious moments with your d3300. But these features can also hurt your photos if you dont use them correctly. Connectivity getting started with your d3300 and wu1a wireless mobile adapter. Press the red record button on the top of the camera to start recording. Nikon d3300 delivers solid pictures photo samples better than that of its predecessor, the nikon d3300s photo quality is quite good for its class. The same is applicable for most dslrs with slight variations. Quickpros nikon d3300 video guide is filled great tips and tricks to get the most out of your camera.

Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. How to record video with your iphone or ipad imore. Using your mobile device go to the app store or the g. A nikon d3300 strikes me as an ideal step from the old pentax, since it can do everything manually if you need it to. When i was in auto mode with flash off, all i can say is that the 24mp camera.

Nikons entrylevel d3000series cameras the d3200, d3300, d3400 and d3500 offer great quality for the money. At its highest resolution and 60p framerate, the d3300. One of the biggest camera announcements at 2014s consumer electronics show may well have been the little nikon d3300 and its collapsible 1855mm f3. At first sight, the d3300 looks like a very small upgrade over the d3200, but as is often the. This is a tutorial on how to take video on the nikon d3300. Fast start guide multi control selecting af points basic plus feature interchangeable focus screens compare to others. Nikons new entrylevel d3300 doesnt reinvent any wheels, but by using a new processor and a 24. Nikon d3300 delivers solid pictures photo samples cnet. Here are some simple tips for better shooting with this featurepacked camera. I have the d3300 and did some pretty extensive research on this as i wanted to do a timelapse. Instructional video on all aspects of photography and camera interactive search to find information on particular nikon d3300 camera features we provide videos guide from beginner to professional. How to transfer videos from my nikon d3300 to my phone.

Turn on live view by pressing the lv button on the back of the camera. The 24megapixel camera ships with a redesigned, collapsible version of the standard kit zoom lens. Once the app has installed, plug the nikon wu1a adapter into the nikon d3300 in the top spot of its accessory terminal on the left side of the camera. How to record video with the nikon d3200 solve your tech. I harp on this often, but make sure you get the full pdf version of the owners manual off the cd or from the nikon web site, because the paper one. Learn how to setup your nikon d3300 for portraits, sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more. Control your dslr from iphone, ipod touch or ipad new camera. Make sure that the camera is on and set it to automatic mode or manual mode, whichever we prefer to. The d3300s ui gives priority to shutterspeed, aperture, and iso controls with the rest accessible at the bottom.

With the iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro, there is now a new quick video capture feature. We will teach you the fundamentals of digital photography applied to your nikon d3300. See more ideas about photography tips, nikon d3300 and camera photography. Nikons latest entrylevel camera is a great choice for anyone looking to move up from a phone or basic compact camera to take photography more seriously. See more ideas about photography tutorials, photography tips and. The portable 1855mm vr lens focuses fast and is incredibly easy to handle. I bought the wifi adapter from nikon which sends pictures but not videos.

Its never been easier for individuals and small businesses to use video in their marketing efforts. Is there a software solution to use laptop as direct instant storage bypassing the sd card for video using any of the connections on nikon d3300. See more ideas about nikon d3300, nikon and photography tips. The successor to the very popular nikon d3200, the d3300 is a powerful. Nikon d3300 for dummies cheat sheet dslr photography. Dec 1, 2014 with the d3300 camera, nikon proves once again that you dont. Welcome to the nikon d3300 forum for beginners nikon.

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