Yamaha sr 500 motor tuning software

In this version sold from year 1989, the dry weight is and it is equiped with a single cylinder, fourstroke motor. Superior sound stereo receiver combining topart technology and art base chassis construction provide for crisp, clean sound. Would you like to sell products for this vehicle on. Yamaha srxt 500 tuningkit 600 ccm 49 ps egumotoren. The contacts are screwed to the contact plate via long holes. Huge stocks, fast worldwide shipping directly from japan. The evolution of auto fabricas yamaha sr500 youtube. Jul 27, 20 building a large post frame garage full timelapse construction. I live in norway so wich is in germany is the closest i am to getting tuning par. Been using since 2007 and are rock solid and easy to install. Recently been converted to a flat tracker special with new fork gators, new head light, new tires, new renthal bars, new exhaust can and wrap. Yamaha xtsr500 cylinder with a much more wearresistant special liner for standard dimensions and also for big bore. The yamaha sr400sr500 was first developed after the success of the xt in the late70s, when yamaha realized that it had hit something special with their shortstroke 87mm x 84mm engine. Please feel free to email, call, or text with any questions or to arrange a time to see the bike.

In 2010, yamaha updated the sr to include fuel injection and a catalyst muffler to meet stricter fuel emmision regulations. Manufactureryamaha motorcycles, modeltmax, type yearxp 500. The free woolich racing tuned software allows you to make changes to the. Oct 08, 2007 rather, the yamaha 500 pulls decisively from 3000 rpm. New brakes, fresh oil change, new oil filter, new air filter, new battery, new tires, new muffler. Graves motorsports flash tune ecu based autoblipper kit.

The evolution of auto fabricas yamaha sr500 duration. If it doesnt start 1st or 2nd kick then something is wrong. Bosch systems after software changes designed to defeat tuning devices. Yamaha classic cars sr500 for sale car and classic.

Yamaha sr500 carburetor vehicles yamaha sr400 carburetor vehicles save for later motor rock 69 megaphone slipon silencer model. Then, after a string of successful new models in 20, yamaha made the bold decision to rerelease the new 20142015 sr400 across the world, returning to north america after a short well, over 30 years hiatus. One of the best, in my opinion ignition for the sr, xt and tt. Our electric bike tuning guideline shows you, in chronological order, how electric bike tuning should ideally be done.

Aug 21, 20 the guys on the flattrack fourm in the usa say the first sr500s made had bigger heavyer flywheels of the same year tt and xt. Loosen a screw if necessary, both screws if they are very tightly screwed, which holds the contacts. Our experience, acquired in all these years allows us to keep on develop safe, reliable and professional tools and software. E bike tuning store to derestrict bosch gen2 or gen1, yamaha powerdrive or syncdrive, panasonic 36v, impulse, shimano steps, brose and bionx motors. Woolich racing yamaha ecu flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the yamaha ecu. First, make sure that the screws on the contact plate are tightened. Including high quality cp forged piston kit which is available in two different versions. Sometimes sr500 1981 usa parts lists are also know as parts fiches or partsfishes, schematics, diagrams and parts manuals. The others were also purple and although they were lookers, i really loved the old yamaha black. Jul 30, 2012 for more advice and help on xt500s check out. Your number one forum and online source of info for the venerable yamaha sr500. Unless i get the kickstarter at the very top of its stroke by using the compression release and give it all the oomph ive got, it doesnt even think about starting. Yes, this film from my sr500 already exists with a german ending.

Yamaha sr400, sr500, scrambler, car insurance, bike, vehicles, motorcycles, sibling, personality. You can list all 1978 yamaha sr 500 available and also sign up for email notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. Zwei rader, ein schicker motor, sattel, tank, ein schlichter schwarzer. E bike tuning devices take away the speed limit of your electric bicycle. Fuel maps, ignition maps, secondary throttle plate maps, rpm limiters and many more advanced settings can be modified allowing you to tune your bike to the limit. Yamaha sr 400 motorrad occasion oder neu zum besten preis kaufen. Unlocking the speed limit for example at 25 kmh of your e bike. Hitting the open road on your yamaha sr500 means freedom, exhilaration and an escape from the daily grind.

Alientech, worldwide leader in designing and developing tools for engine tuning, is an italian company that for many years is working in this field. The hole in this jet appears to be exactly the same size as. After his brother adopted the cx as a daily driver, nel scouted around for a. Ive owned my early 1980s yamaha sr500 since new and it has always been hard to get started when cold. With its success, yamaha engineers were challenged to produce the street version sr500 with the styling image of its predecessor the xs650 which was inspired by british design. I dont think anyone is too interested in the sr400 as a race bike but some very high top speeds have been claimed for it earlier in this thread and it would be good to know what it will do with some accuracy in neutral conditions flat road, no wind, standard. If anyone has any experience with tuning the stock carburetor on the sr500 and wants to comment on the. View online or download yamaha sr 500 service manual. Entwicklung cnc basiszylinder fur leistungsgesteigerte xtsr500 motoren. Keep your motorcycle in tiptop shape by performing some basic maintenance replace worn spark plugs and the clutch kit for a nobog, instant.

If you watch out carefully the video, the times where the 500 seems to be clutch slipping, the asphalt on some parts is shining very slippy and. Months after doning this, brother tom and i found out that there is indeed a bigger size needlejet for the sr. You are also playing with running your electric motor outside its. This is for the street but if you want weight on you race motor this is a good way of doing it. Yamaha sr500 motorcycle parts exhaust, engine, cooling, brake. Hardstarting yamaha sr500 classic motorcycle repair. The combined effect of ecu tuning solutions and addon modules improves torque levels and reduces consumption without losing the original profile. Sep 08, 2009 hi,the yamaha sr 500 is an awesome bike. Lots of people charge for motorcycle service and workshop manuals online which is a bit cheeky i reckon as they are freely available all over the internet. Yamaha sr 500 t technical specifications ultimate specs.

Rubber cover, foot rest, drivers, factory, price per pair. We have thirtynine specific parts lists available for this model. Modification to the stock carburetor of the yamaha sr500. Or maybe hes two or three happy people when it comes. The yamaha sr 500 t model is a unspecified category bike manufactured by yamaha. I could not find this online srs are very popular in germany and japan up to about 1999 or 2004 when emission laws caught up to most aircooled motorcycles. Hello all i recently purchased a xt 500 cylinder from ebay. High quality cp slipper piston for racing or solid construction, slightly increased for road. Advanced features include continuously variable loudness control, pure direct along with yamaha ipod dock connection, sirius radio ready, 40station amfm and zone 2 control gives an assurance of total music enjoyment. The combined effect of ecu tuning solutions and addon modules improves torque. After that, check out if there any tuning options for that particular motor type.

Find the best control unit processing solution yamaha outboards. Ive also completely rebuilt the carburetor with fresh jets and gaskets throughout. Free yamaha motorcycle service manuals for download. Bikez has a high number of users looking for used bikes. Brose and yamaha systems have circuit protection to prevent over heating. View and download yamaha sr 500 service manual online. Click here to sell a used 1978 yamaha sr 500 or advertise any other mc for sale. Hi performance means custom using modern cnc parts and upgrade sr with other motorcycles swing arm from tzr250,xjr400. A larger front tyre size will reduce the indicated speedo reading linearly across the speed range so improve the speedo accuracy. We have quality products for your yamaha from brands you trust at prices that will fit your budget.

This kind of power wont establish new quartermile records for 500s, and the sr e feels strained and outofbreath above 75 mph. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 27. I would like to add to the starting procedurei find that the kick is a bit of a danceup to comp then a swift kick down not a jab but a forceful motion,then a quick release. In 1976 yamaha developed the xt500 a single cylinder 500cc ohc dirt bike. Free shipping, no hassle returns and the lowest prices guaranteed. Sr500 sr250 parts yamaha xs650 parts and vintage yamaha parts. We have the right yamaha sr500 parts for any job from repair and maintenance to.

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