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Regularly servicing your bike hub will help to prolong its lifespan, especially if you tend to ride in gritty or wet conditions. Years of development work in the single areas mavic allows to offer a full line of wheels. Do not calibrate your compass where there is a chance of strong magnetic interference, such as magnetite, parking structures, and steel. Your mavic wheels can be used only with mavic quick releases. The information provided for in this technical manual is intended exclusively for professional bicycle mechanics. We carry a variety of mountain, road, and fixietrack wheelsets from brands like shimano, spank, american classic, and. All the technical details on all mavic products marketed since 1997 wheels, rims, components arranged by discipline and by product. Mavic crossmax enduro, xl wts 26 spokes black 201415 8 50.

The new 2002 technical manual mavic customer service the 2001 technical manual, which is essential to ensuring the maintenance of mavic products, consists of four main parts. The 2001 technical manual, which is essential to ensuring the maintenance of mavic. New mavic cosmic ultimate ust ultralight full carbon. Youll find all the relevant documentation on mavic s technical manual website. In place of pawls the 2017 cosmic has a 40tooth ratchet drive that mavic have christened instant drive 360. Discover our range of wheels, tire, rims and apparel for road cycling, mtb, triathlon. Full technical details on all the mavic products marketed since 1997 wheels, rims, components set out by discipline and by product.

Mavic develops and creates topend components for bikes. The second edition of the mavic technical manual is released for the fall bike shows. To my knowledge, finding the erd of a built wheel would require psychic powers, but whenever i go in for a spoke, shops seem to be able to choose the right one, so i think theres a way to measure an existing spoke too. They accelerate like whoa bc when run tubeless all the mass is at the hub. Mavic pro user manual calibrating the compass only calibrate the compass when the dji go app or the status indicator prompt you to do so. Sales catalogs reveal detailed specifications and pictures for use in component identification. Cosmos cosmic elite ksyrium equipe speedcity 05 international standard and centerlock. This video will show you how to remove and install bearings into your mavic rear wheel, using both the enduro bbt100 bearing puller and the brt005 hub press tool. The 04 and 05 speedcity wheels used 300 mm spokes all around. The mavic cosmic carbone sl has always been a wheel that offers a lot. This is the place to finds your mavic replacement spokes. Our hyperaero wts line features the most advanced technologies and perfectly integrates wheel and tyre together to deliver the lowest drag ever. Observe the following rules when calibrating your compass. According to the mavic technical manual, the current speedcity wheels use 299mm spokes both front and rear, driveside and nondrive side.

Are they all the same length on my wheels, or do i need several different sizes. Mavic wheelset, mountain bike wheelsets, mtb wheelsets. To connect to this website you will need a user name and password. If you are in any doubt, consult your approved mavic dealer. This is where you will find various mavic road spokes including stainless, zicral, and tracomp. Mavic cosmic pro carbon exalith id360 hub sound youtube. One major difference i can see is that the mavic is a one spring system whereas the dt swiss uses two springs. The ksyrium equipe wheelset holds a curious place in the mavic stable. Or you can remove one spoke and measure it directly. Here are over bicycle catalogs and bike brochures for trek, gary fisher, klein, and lemond plus one 2012 catalog for bontrager. Mavic tech manuals these manuals can be seen on the previous link but. Trek, fisher, klein, lemond and bontrager bike catalogs. You must follow the instructions in this technical manual for tire pressure and sizes see charts on page 17. Maintaining and replacing the free wheel mechanism see page 21 replacing the rear bearings see 2004 tm page 22 replacing a spoke see 2004 tm page 25 replacing the front rim see 2004 tm page 28 replacing the rear rim see 2004 tm page 29 to quickly consult this information in a practical manner, refer to.

It also emphasis on the characteristics of the wheels for the individual disciplines. Before each use, check the quick release adjustment as described in sections 9 and 10, make sure that the wheels are not buckled or dented, and check the wear of the brake pads, rims, composite components and tyres. A mavic wheelset or mtb wheelsets can handle all the pounding youre willing to dish out on your bike. If youre worried about it you can pick up a couple spokes to have just in case. Mavic wintech ultimate installation manual french mc. The technical details on all mavic products marketed since 1997 wheels, rims, components arranged by discipline and by product. As of right now, i only have used spokes for these wheels. Learn more about the mavic pro with specs, tutorial guides, and user manuals. I purchased an a 319 rim to build a hub generator wheel. For all maintenance procedures replacement of an axle, bearings, free wheel body, refer to the 2004 technical manual section concerning the cosmos or to our website. Mavic ksyrium elite ust wts disc 6 hole wheelset road bike wheel ksyrium elite s wheel spoke 2017 george halls cycle centre technical manual welcome technical manual welcome technical manual welcome. Mavic made silver ksyrium sl wheels from 2004 2007. The internals were pristine as these wheels only see good weather. Mavic hub service information for pro carbon series hubs everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.

This is where you can order roguemechanic shim kits for your campagnolo ultra torque system as well as a large selection of mavic small parts including but not limited to spokes, hub parts, and rims. Any other use such as on a tandem, cyclocross bike, mountain bike is strongly inadvisable, and is the sole responsibility of the user, which voids the mavic warranty. In this ideal environment, they ride as often as possible, to develop ideas for new and improved bike tools and components. Parts catalogs show exploded diagrams of components with individual parts. At 1550 grams and nearly half the cost of every other wheel we sell, the mavic ksyrium elite is a real bike racers dream. For more specific information about each of our products, please consult the product pages, the technical manuals from previous years or the. Proper component identification is essential in insuring compatibility and proper use. All the aerodynamic benefits of a deep rim carbon wheel, but in clincher format with an aluminum braking surface, rather than tubular format with a carbon braking surface. You will find two types of technical information in each one of these parts. The best carbon fiber bike wheels since 1984 hed cycling. Sort by featured best selling alphabetically, az alphabetically, za price, low to high price, high to low date, new to old date, old to new. Refer to the website for quick and convenient access to information. Mavic ksyrium sl zicral silver spokes 2004 2007 14 00. Trek, fisher, klein, lemond bike catalogs, bicycle brochures.

Mavic wheel systems are made for the various applications and training on any terrain. Or just simply for the pleasure of devouring those small mountain roads leading them to nearby mountain passes or to pound the singletracks and sensational downhills of the semnoz. The 2003 technical manual, which is essential to ensuring the maintenance of mavic products, consists of 3 main parts. There were slight cosmetic changes with the 20062007 models. Here is a list of all models of camera where we can supply a printed and bound manual based on your search. Mavic has combined two of their highest end features into one allnew wheelset thats ready for prolevel racing. Ill post the later 1995ish technical diagram update tomorrow thatll get the 5712 hubs, 6312 cranks, and a scad of other items in to the mix as well. Which is one reason why theyre starting with a rim brake version of the cosmic ultimate ust, a full carbon wheel thats tubeless ready and based on the ust design standard. Wheels, tires, rims, and apparel for road, mountain. Featuring high quality 6106 alloy and double eyelets, this 25 mm wide rim is perfectly adapted to todays trekkers and tourers. Unlike the on the bike method, you will have to repeatedly remount the wheel in the dropouts to. To quickly consult this information in a practical manner, refer to see 2004 tm page 19. And here is the link to the 2004 mavic technical manual.

Any users that have not received professional training in this particular area must not try to mount parts, perform repairs or carry out any other procedures based on the technical manual. The dji mavic pro has a 4k camera, ultraprecise 3axis gimbal, and a max transmission range of 4. Even though mavic says the bearings must be adjusted on the bike, you can take the wheels off and do the adjustment just hold the axle steady with a 5mm hex key. If in doubt, contact an approved mavic dealer list available on. On the 2005 range, this new type of hub is used on the following front and rear wheels. Mavic hub service information for pro carbon series hubs. Largely the work of adam micklin, it is more concise with better diagrams and more components. Nov 05, 2018 mavic ksyrium elite ust wts disc 6 hole wheelset road bike wheel ksyrium elite s wheel spoke 2017 george halls cycle centre technical manual welcome technical manual welcome technical manual welcome. Ksyrium sl the only noticeable change for 2004 in mavics topdog wheelset is the color.

See 2004 tm page 20 see 2004 tm page 21 see 2004 tm page 22 see page 25 see page 25. With equipment so classic in design, part numbers and model numbers were not used. This is where you will find various spokes for mavic mountain bike wheels. It is strong, durable and allows the use of tyres up to 50 mm. If youre buying your spokes locally, the shop should be able to get a good measurement. Rebuilding a mavic aksium rear wheel hi, just took my rear wheel to the lbs to be trued and they said they wernt confident of getting it true because of flat spots, which explains why id failed miserably to true it myself when ive managed fairly well on my other bikes. The wheels from what ive seen are pretty damn tough.

To quickly consult this information in a practical manner, refer to. Mavic recommends spoke tension between 70 and 90 kgf be used with their rims. Since 2004, a new technology has enabled mavic to use its top of the range ftsl free wheel concept on its entire wheel range. Trek provided these scanned and digital technical documents to its dealers. Its only when dji released the mavic pro that wider aerial possibilities opened up to filmmakers because, according to charters, you could use a mavic pro image in 35mm projects, and people wouldnt know the difference from the air. The new 2003 technical manual mavic customer service the 2003 technical manual, which is essential to ensuring the maintenance of mavic products, consists of 3 main parts.

Mavic s proprietary spoke, hub, and rim systems are beyond the scope of this website, and are typically omitted from the data stored here to avoid confusion. Birth of the rsys, the third generation of wheels with tubular carbon. With the mavic, you have to go into the camera and choose manual camera settings if you do not want auto iso and shutter speed. Download the dji go app to capture and share beautiful content. All parts spokes, rims, hubs are completely compatible for all 2004 2007 ksyrium sl wheels. Amazing world tour race results are our best proof. I hardly ever see mavic wheels come in with blown spokes. For 2004, the theme will remain the same ksyrium technology will make its way down to even lower priced wheels as their top end wheels largely go unchanged. When low drag makes the difference, mavic hyperaero wheeltyre systems bring you up front. If you promise to stop making up random numbers for mavic components, i might even post more. If there are no results please try searching with fewer words. The sand city, california warehouse is closed and all operations are moved to west chester, pennsylvania.

It was easy to build a true wheel with even spoke tension. Downhill wheelsets and other mountain bike wheelsets can have a dramatic impact on the type of riding that you like to do. With more acronyms than an it conference, the equipe s wheel is a real star of the budgetoriented side of mavic s business, and at the heart of the wheel. Wheels range 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 20 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 search within campagnolo technical documentaion by using the filters above. Spare parts are generally available from or can be ordered from your mavic dealer.

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