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Here is the original script for innocence of muslims. Innocence of muslims filmmaker planning new film about. Nakoula basseley nakoula, a 55yearold egyptianamerican coptic christian, told. Innocence of muslims film spurs outrage across arab. Innocence of muslims a trailer for a lowbudget film mocking the prophet muhammad sparked protests in the islamic world, and youtube. Mark basseley youssef, whose innocence of muslims video initially was blamed for riots and the death of four americans in benghazi, libya, is searching for partners to make a. After the antiislamic short film innocence of muslims was released, on september, 2012 protests occurred at the u. The film innocence of muslims, a lowbudget minute video, was billed as a film trailer and made in california with private funding.

A ridiculous 14minute youtube trailer for the antiislam film sparked violent protests throughout. A trailer for a movie called innocence of muslims, described by reuters as depicting the islamic prophet, muhammad as a fool, a philanderer and a religious fake and showed him having sex, was uploaded to youtube in early july 2012, and an arabicdubbed version uploaded to youtube on september 4, 2012. Innocence of muslims, also known as innocence of bin laden, is an unwatchably bad extremely informative read. The filmmaker behind innocence of muslims the lowbudget film thats been blamed by many for the wave of violence that erupted in the mideast this fall. A young woman discovers her elite manhattan preparatory school harbors a dark secret. A 14minute clip of the extremely amateur innocence of muslims film shows the prophet muhammad as a homosexual who endorses extramarital sex and pedophilia. How innocence of muslims led to violent protests new york. Embassy during a protest against the americanproduced film innocence of muslims which denigrates the prophet muhammad outside a. Innocence of muslims filmmaker gets death sentence in egypt. Google inc should not have to remove an antiislamic film from its youtube website because a woman complained that she was duped into.

Innocence of muslims is shaping up to be the most influential movie of the year in a twisted way. A scene from the 14minute video trailer for the film innocence of muslims, which has been blamed for inciting violence in libya, egypt and yemen. Content tagged as innocence of muslims at, the leading libertarian magazine and video website covering news, politics, culture, science, policy and more with reporting and analysis. But the best evidence we have from witnesses on the ground is clear. Does innocence of muslims meet the freespeech test. Basseley nakoula came to make innocence of muslims is a bizarre. A month later, sam bacile posted a 14minute trailer for the film, retitled this time as the innocence of muslims, on youtube, and then posted it again, using yet another title, muhammed. Several hollywood and california film industry groups and permit agencies said they had no.

The film is being tied to florida pastor terry jones, the publicityhungry asshole of koranburning infamy, but jones jumped on the flaming. As many of you are aware, late tuesday night, a protest outside the consulate in benghazi turned to violence, resulting in the death of three americans, including ambassador to libya, chris stevens. The footage, a trailer for a longer film entitled innocence of muslims initial title was desert warrior, appears to depict islam as a religion of violence and. On monday the 9 th circuit court of appeals reversed an earlier ruling that had forced youtube to take down innocence of muslims, an inflammatory antiislam film that may have helped spark the. Iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad on friday produced another antiisrael conspiracy theory by saying the film innocence of muslims, which has been linked to protests throughout the arab. The antiislamic film, whose unknown creator is currently in. Van goghs film was bad in many ways, but at least it strove for political and artistic merit. On monday the 9 th circuit court of appeals reversed an earlier ruling that had forced youtube to take down innocence of muslims, an inflammatory anti. Google ordered to remove antimuslim film from youtube cnn.

The film innocence of muslimshas been blamed for protests in several countries that have caused immeasurable damage and even death. Reema abu hamdieh, rt arabic correspondence, explains why the. With sophie lane curtis, kelly reilly, graham phillips, linus roache. The video innocence of muslims first appeared online on 1 july, posted in english by someone using the pseudonym sambacile. Ahmadinejad calls innocence of muslims film an israeli plot. Nakoula basseley nakoulas movie is a bigoted piece of poison calculated to inflame the muslim world.

Innocence of actors in antiislam film vanity fair reports on how downontheirluck actors were tricked into making the years costliest movie december 1, 2012, 9. From behind bars, the maker of the antiislam movie innocence of muslims says he has no regrets. A minute amateur trailer for the film innocence of muslims depicts the prophet muhammad as a womanizer, child molester and criminal. Innocence of muslims controversial film reportedly screened in hollywood but no one attended, and no employees watched the movie. Court lifts youtube ban on controversial film innocence of muslims. Yes, the innocence of muslims video really did play a. The film that sparked violent protests in libya and egypt is a crude depiction of the prophet muhammad, commentators say but serious. From man who insulted muhammad, no regret the new york times. Indian muslims gather for a protest against the controversial film innocence of muslims in kolkata on september 27, 2012.

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